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A fan's view of the Adam Lambert Showcase in London, 3 February 2012 by @Shellambie
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Please excuse the length of this article and the irrelevant details which are put in, but this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and it’s just who I am!

After entering the competition to win two tickets to the 'Adam Lambert Exclusive Showcase' on 3 February in London, I didn’t think I had a chance to win tickets, but ever optimistic I entered and having checked my email every 10 seconds in the ‘You will be notified by email’ period, I came to the conclusion that I did not win. So I went out – can you imagine my disbelief when I came in and casually checked my emails to find a message saying 'Congratulations you have won tickets to the Showcase'? A few choice words came out of my mouth - quite loudly - and then I scrambled to reply to the email (by then the 4 p.m. deadline for confirmation had passed). With fingers that wouldn’t respond to my brain's commands I managed to type the few words ‘yes please I would like to come’ and sent the email back.

Fast forward 24 hours and I arrived in London with my Mum in tow (she is an Adam fan too) and we are standing outside The Arts Club in Mayfair.  There were some lovely fans standing outside hoping to catch a glimpse of Adam and the band and we stood and had a chat for a while before entering the venue.  Luckily there were two other competition winners inside, the lovely Heidi and Tracey, and as fellow Adam fans do, we chatted away like we had known each other for years.

Once we had our names checked and our phones and cameras taken away (we were pre-warned about this), we were led down-stairs to the room in which the showcase was being held.  It had a small bar and dance floor with some seating around the edge and at the front was a very small stage, about 12-18 inches high.  The four of us sat on some stools and had a drink and a chat about Adam and how excited we were to be there.

The media all started to turn up quite quickly, photographers and film cameras were there,  I’m guessing around 50-60 people in total. Tommy, Isaac, and Kev came on stage and went through an equipment check.  By then we were all just so excited and were silently flailing inside!

Folding White StoolAfter  10 minutes or so, the Sony PR spokesperson came on stage, and asked everyone to fill the gap in the middle of the room. Now let me just explain, having been to the fan gig where Adam performed at Heaven in London in April 2010 and queuing up for three hours before and two hours standing inside, I had decided that queuing was not for me.  When I went to all four of the GlamNation UK gigs I knew that unless I was at the front I would not be able to see as I am only five feet tall.  I did, however, entrust the help of a ‘little white stool’ (a collapsible stool which fit into a large handbag). I set this up at the side or at the back of the GNUK venues and I would get to see the top of Adam’s head on stage.  Alas the 'little white stool' is no more as during the last GNUK gig at London’s Shepherds Bush, I was set up at the back with my fellow LambertUK Admins and Adam was singing ‘If I Had You’. Now fans who attended would know that during this song Adam says ‘jump’ and everyone jumps – at this point I forgot I was standing on a 'little white stool' so when I ‘jumped’ my little white stool disintegrated into a hundred bits and took out everyone standing within a 10-foot radius!  I was fine but that was the end of the ‘little white stool’. If you follow me on twitter you may see tweets bearing the name ‘#RIP little white stool’ so now you know what that means.  So hence when we were told to fill the space in the middle, I was NOT going to be standing at the back and I walked very, very, fast to my prime spot at the front!

Adam was introduced to the media and then the moment we were all waiting for ... Adam walked on stage. By this time I was nearly hyperventilating but there he was, only five foot in front of me, if I had taken two small steps forward onto the stage I could have touched him!  This beautiful, handsome, man dressed all in black with tight trousers, black shirt, and black jacket (I think it’s the one he wore for The Ellen Show). He wore his trademark black nail polish and a few rings but there was no makeup; his hair was spiked up with a few blonde highlights – he looked perfect.   I was trying to take him all in but was astutely aware that I was so close he could see I was looking at him and as you all know when he catches your eye, you melt!  So I tried to keep my mouth closed and not drool.

Adam performing at the Showcase in London (photo by @Chartshowtv)

Adam performing at London Showcase 3 Feb 2012

Now you have to be aware that I have to write this all from memory as we did not have our phones to record anything.  Adam thanked everyone for coming and said how happy he was to be here and introduced the first song ‘Fever’ from his last album (I have to say that throughout the set Adam had to keep referring to Kev as to what song they were performing next as he didn’t have a set list, lol.)  Adam sat down on his stool and this is when the whole atmosphere changed. As soon as Adam began to sing that was it, you were taken into another world. Even if you didn’t know the song, his vocals were such that you couldn't help but be mesmerised.  This showcase was all about the vocals so it was a stripped-back version which worked so well in the small setting.  Poor Isaac only had a box to drum on as the stage was so small you could not fit a drum kit onto it. He mentioned to us afterwards that they had to make do with what they could, but we assured him the sound was amazing and just right for the venue.

@shellambie and Isaac

@shellambie and Isaac at London Showcase

Next Adam sang 'Better Than I Know Myself'. He introduced it as being his first single off the new album and asked if anyone had seen the video to it which had been released that day. You could hear the squeals of delight from the fans at the showcase and also some of the media.  Again, his vocals were perfect, with his trademark ‘falsetto’ wowing the crowd.

A snippet of Adam singing "Better Than I Know Myself" at the Showcase in London (video by @ChartShowTV)


Adam next talked about 'Outlaws of Love' and the passion he felt when writing it and about how his experience being part of the LGBT community and the hurdles he had to overcome (especially from Middle America) had inspired him.  Now I had heard this song before and wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but the passion in his voice and in his eyes when he sang it had me hooked. His vocals were outstanding and it bought a tear to my eye – I loved it, totally amazing. By now, I think the crowd realised just how good Adam was and the applause after each song, and the interaction from the crowd, was getting louder.

An old favourite was next 'Whataya Want From Me'. I am always amazed by how much I love to hear this song live after having heard it so many times before, but again, with the passion Adam exudes when he sings you cannot be anything other than in awe.

Lastly we were treated to a live version of 'Trespassing', the title track off his new album.  Adam introduced this as being co-written with the amazing Pharrell Williams “the man is a ‘mofo’” he said with great respect (there were two children in the audience so I think he did really well to keep the introductions clean).  Now I find when hearing bands/singers perform their fast tracks live they sometimes lose a bit of their magic and the vocals drop out, but this was the other way round – WOW WOW WOW – Adam stood up for this track, the band started the intro and Adam was encouraging everyone to clap to the beat. He engaged with the crowd brilliantly and everyone was clapping.  You could not help but dance along to this track, the beat gets in your head within the first 30 seconds and Adam made some sexy moves whilst singing. The live performance of 'Trespassing' absolutely blew my mind, to me it had to be the highlight of the showcase.  I could have cried I was so overwhelmed; my hairs were standing up on the every part of my body.  When the song ended there was a huge applause and shouts from the crowd.  Adam thanked the crowd and exited the stage.

I have to also mention the band - they are so in tune with each other and the love they all generate between them makes it all gel. You would have never known that Kev was ‘the new guy’ - he just made it seem he had been there from the start.

For us fans it didn’t end there, being a showcase Adam walked freely through the crowd. Nobody rushed at him, but as he walked past he would stop and chat to whoever was there.  Now, not wanting to be a stalker-fan, I just waited in a spot for him to come past. I tried to think of what I would say as I could see he was giving some guests a hug and having a chat. He was being so lovely and taking his time.  So this is where I shake my head in despair -- when Adam got to me, my mind went blank, all normal rational thoughts left me, and I ended up as a mute quivering wreck. Adam was standing in front of me waiting for me to interact and all I could do was shake his hand and squeak out a ‘thank you’! Adam stood there very gentlemanly waiting for my next move but all I could do was put my other hand over his and again squeak ‘thank you’, by this stage I was mortified so just turned to walk away. NOW, I am normally a laid back, rational, and jokey person, but I just froze, and it was no good going back for a second chance as it would have happened again. I did the same thing when I met him in London in 2010.

But luckily I composed myself; Adam stayed in the bar for another 45 minutes or so to chat to the media whilst we went and had a drink at the bar.  We had a lovely chat with the band, Isaac entertained us and made us all laugh and we were introduced to Kev (what a nice guy). Isaac, Kev, and Tommy were saying how excited they all were about the album release and how much they love the songs. And, I have to say, the press I spoke to seemed really impressed by Adam, who wouldn’t eh!

@shellambie and Kev

@shellambie and Kev at London Showcase

So now we are at the end of the showcase and Adam is just about to leave.   As he goes to leave the bar we gave him a wave and said goodbye and to my surprise over he comes and gives all three of us standing there a big hug! Much to my surprise, I am able to say to him “Come back to see us soon” to which Adam  replied “Don’t worry I will be back” and as he started to walk away he turned round and said “I love it here”.

So that ended a perfect day, which only could have been made better by having my very good friends from LambertUK with me to share it. xxx

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